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Adventure Programme

Wonders await you!

Green islands in a sea of stone, gentle summits of crystalline rock, the “Nocken” (rounded mountain tops) gave their name to the most ancient mountain region in the north of Carinthia.  

Enjoy the real-life experience of fabulous guided tours, with hidden marvels and thrilling sights, getting to grips with nature as it has functioned from the very beginning, in accordance with its eternal laws.  

All guided tours will be available in German, and some also in Italian.

Summer Adventure Programme 2013

Geführte Wanderungen im Biosphärenreservat Nockberge
Das Sommer-Erlebnisprogramm 2017 des Biosphärenparks Nockberge


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Veranstaltungen im Biosphärenpark Nockberge
Erlebnis Sommer 2013
Tourenkarte Region Nockberge
Erlebniswege Innerkrems Turracher Höhe  Nockberge
Giro dei Parchi
Silva Magica