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Alpine anemone
Alpine anemone

Just about everywhere in the Nockberge the largest imaginable variety of plants bloom and thrive.  The gentle mountain tops, lush meadows and the climate promote bio-diversity.  That is why plants as different as the robust Swiss stone pine, the unique Speik flower, as well as a host of small and large specialised plants all grow here.  Together they constitute a substructure and habitat for the numerous life-forms of the Nockberge.  It is extremely important to treat the fauna with respect, because some of the species are subject to strict nature conservancy.

Veranstaltungen im Biosphärenpark Nockberge
Erlebnis Sommer 2013
Tourenkarte Region Nockberge
Erlebniswege Innerkrems Turracher Höhe  Nockberge
Giro dei Parchi
Silva Magica