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Urkunde Biosphärenpark

The Biosphere Park

The Biosphere Park
The Biosphere Park

For several years we have been working intensively to remodel the Nockberge National Park as the “Nockberge Biosphere Reserve”.  Our target is to obtain the international UNESCO-rating “Biosphere Reserve” (which is equivalent to the term “Biosphere Reserve” used in Austria).  

A region that has been awarded this rating is allowed to use the title “Model region for sustainable development”.  The process of recognising a region as a Biosphere Reserve is conducted internationally by UNESCO’s MAB office.

In these protected areas, the focus is on environmentally-friendly, sustainable development of the region (including economic development), that is consistent with the needs of the people living in the protected area.  Worldwide there are about 620 Biosphere Reserve, of which seven are located in Austria. The Nockberge Biosphere Reserve would be the first in southern of Austria. 

Veranstaltungen im Biosphärenpark Nockberge
Erlebnis Sommer 2013
Tourenkarte Region Nockberge
Erlebniswege Innerkrems Turracher Höhe  Nockberge
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